The future

In 2010 the England Youth Fly-fishing Association changed its status from an association to become part of the Angling Trust with promise of better funding and support network amongst other things.  Unfortunately this did not happen, instead the committee who ran the newly branded ‘England Youth Fly-fishing’ quite happily, were interfered with to the extent that the voluntary positions became unbearable.

It is with much sadness that the committee of England Youth Fly-fishing is disbanding, full control is being handed over to the Angling Trust.  Full support is however being given by committee members to ensure a smooth transition.

There are several people who have been key to the success of both recent and previous Youth Internationals as well as team training days and general support and I would like them to receive public recognition for their efforts.

Chris McLeod – Chairman for 5 years who has given an enormous amount of his own time and money to join the team at Internationals, help out on training days, editorial work producing newsletters etc, obtaining sponsorship and being the focal point of contact and the voice of EYF.

Gary and Jane How – Again Gary and Jane have given an enormous amount of his own time and money to join the team at Internationals, sponsor the team with flies, flowers, button holes, help out at training days, logistics, packed lunches and general behind the scenes work which no-one sees.

Simon Lehane – For organising boatmen at National Qualifiers and the Home International, l which is a thankless task, helping out on training days and promoting the good name of EYF.

Kate Adamson – Kate produced the International brochure for the 2014 Championships which was truly special, Kate also produced a souvenir booklet from the 2013 Youth International.

Jan and Ian Malpass – Jan has been treasurer of EYF, helped out with BBQs and organised raffles amongst other things. Ian has helped out on training days and Internationals travelling from the most northern part of the UK to be at all events.

Paul Gillies – Paul has helped out at training days, and Internationals, was the first team bus driver and supported the team with signs, banners, stickers etc.

Jamie Worker – Team bus driver and BBQ chef, with no interest in fishing but commitment to support the team and myself.

Phil Longstaff – Phil was team coach in 2010 when he helped England win Gold and managed the team to two more Gold Medals in 2012 and 2013.  Phil has devoted all his spare time to the teams since being involved and remains to be one of the most passionate managers ever.

Carl Malpass, Gary Owen, Dom Sheratte, and Ryan Worker – These official coaches have supported and the teams and have all been key to their successes.  This year too they have been joined by ex-youths Fen Oakley, Adam Worker and Ashley Gillies who have taken time off of work to support the team, helping them practice both at the International and in the weeks leading up to it.

There have undoubtedly been others who have been fundamental to England Youth Flyfishing and the previous organisation England Youth Fly-fishing Association, I cannot name them all.  Thank you to all who have helped out with financial support over the years, as boatmen, and as general supporters the organisation could not run without you all.

Bobbie Worker
England Youth Secretary

Central to the whole organisation, holding all these people together for the last 6 years, yet with typical modesty, omitting herself from this list, has been our secretary Bobbie Worker. Her tireless and unrelenting efforts to ensure the smooth running of every event is without parallel. Her skills and dedication have been appreciated by all who have been involved with the Youth, not only here but across the four Home Nations. We will be saying a special thank you at our Captain’s Day
She will be a very hard act to follow.

Chris McLeod
EYF Chairman


2015 England Youth Team Qualifier

This years National Championships and 2015 England Youth Team Qualifier is on Sunday 25th May 2014 at Grafham Water.  If you are 12 or over but under 17 on 31 July 2014 and wish to enter please email for an entry form.

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